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Letter From Maureen About Raccoon Dogs Killed for Fur - October 23, 2008

I hope you reply to this email and if you don't then I know you don't care about people's comments.

I just watched the video on the Raccoon dogs. I didn't even know such a beautiful animal existed. I don't like watching these videos but I force myself to do so. I've never worn furs, never saw a reason to. I enjoyed watching these animals in the wild from a distance
and the thought that went through my mind was why would anyone kill these animals for their fur?

But I did not know they were killed in this manner. I had always hoped that it was done very fast and that the animal would feel no pain.

Who took the video of this massacre and why wasn't anything done about it then. For me, if I was the one secretly taking pictures of this sick violent act to these animals, I would have been helping these
animals to escape no matter how much trouble I got into because I could not stand by and watch this take place.

Unfortunately if this is taking place in countries like China and places like that, nothing will be done because they seem to do what they want and don't care. I don't mean to sound negative but that is a fact.

Please tell me how money will help. With all due respect, tell me what the plan is? Will donations stop these countries from this kind of cruelty to animals?

Best Regards,

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Maureen:

Thank you for writing, and we always answer the letters we receive.

The people who took these photos did so at extreme risk to their own safety, because the government protects these torturers. Once these videos were taken out of China, they were published all around the world, and many stores have stopped selling raccoon dog fur but continue the sale of the fur of other animals.

We need to increase our efforts to inform the public and change public perception into recognizing how really ugly fur is, so that they will stop buying it. The same goes for the tortured body parts of all other animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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