LettersLetter From Jaleh About Mass Dog Killings in Iran - October 25, 2008
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Letter From Jaleh About Mass Dog Killings in Iran - October 25, 2008

Hi Dearests,

Recently they re-started the killing of stray dogs in Iran.

Yesterday most newspapers very proudly announced that they have killed 5,000 dogs just in one major city (Mashhad).

Here in Tehran every night they go into areas where they know dogs are and kill them.

Last night in one area where one of my friends lives they killed about 50 innocent dogs.

My friend was feeding them every night, she says, they were so friendly with her and their eyes were so kind. Last night shooting started around midnight and lasted for three hours. What she could hear from her bedroom were shot guns and cries of innocent creatures.

You know here in Iran they are paying something around $3 US for one dead dog body. Can you imagine these cruel people who are killing Man's Best Friends just for $ 3?

Don't you thing something can be done for them? As you might know in Islamic Religion dogs are considered najis (i.e. unclean) and for this reason a lot of people do not like them and these stupid human beings say that if there is a dog in the area, the Angels get angry and leave.

What a disgusting world we are living in.

What is your suggestion? Should we prepare a petition and send it to RSPCA, PETA, etc.? Do you think that they can help these poor creatures?


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jaleh:

We are very sorry to hear about this atrocity.

Petitions are a waste of time, and the government isn't going to respond unless there are thousands upon thousands of citizens speaking out against this cruelty.

This is why we have been focusing upon changing people's heart, so that they would regain their God-given empathy for all living beings. And when we, as a society, have done this, we will also find that we have ended our warring madness.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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