LettersLetter from Donna About Being Veggie and Rescuing Dogs - November 2, 2008
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Letter from Donna About Being Veggie and Rescuing Dogs - November 2, 2008

Good morning,

Just a few lines to express my feeling of joy at such a beautiful day the Lord has made and to let you know I checked out some of the veggie meals on your site. They sound so good and flesh free and knowing that I am not contributing to the abuse of such wonderful beings makes me so happy inside. It makes me so sad to think about the fear and discomfort they have to endure.

I live in a small hunting area and it is sickening. I have several rescued hunting dogs and others who have been discarded as nothing. That is what brought this 48-year-old computer illiterate to buy a computer and learn. They deserve a life, a good home and so I am trying to find safe, permanent homes for them. I have seven, all are altered, and one older hound mix who was treated for heartworm and the vet also found old bullets in her.

Please pray for me and them. I have enjoyed your Bible studies also. Thanks again and thanks to our wonderful Father who brought us together.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Donna:

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and for telling us about your rescued companions. You and they are in our prayers.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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