LettersLetter From Syed About Religions and Loving All Creatures - 2 November 2008
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Letter From Syed About Religions and Loving All Creatures - 2 November 2008

Dear Frank and Mary,

Is there any chance of bringing bring love for everyone on earth irrespective of color, creed, language, cultural and geographical differences?

Presently I am designing a syllabus for the Department of English at this University. I am Director of Academics and also the Chairman of the Department of English. We have launched a Masters program in  English, Linguistics and Literature with the goal of creating love for every creature among our students.

For that reason I am searching for the kinds of things you present on your website. It's great. He, the Almighty, will never forget you. May Allah keep you in His good books permanently. Ameen. (We Muslims say Ameen. Look how close we are. When I studied Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam (in alphabetical order), I found many things in common. I took this on as part of my studies, generally from the perspective of Samuel Beckett, for a PhD degree but that brought me close to the idea of loving everyone, but now I have added my love for every creature.

After my retirement from the active service, I was chairman of the Department of English, S.A. Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan and presently I am Director of Academics at a private university. This introduction is in fact a search to find the ways to serve all His sheep. I think certain stories about chimps I want to include in my teaching syllabus, especially for students at the intermediate level. I am 63 plus and do not want to translate any dream into reality as I have no dream except the one: LOVE FOR ALL. PRAY FOR THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF MY HONORABLE MISSION.

Presently I want your permission to include stories from your site in our syllabus at certain stages. Again I send love for all, including you two (this not you too, Brutus... ha ha ha).


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Syed:

Thank you very much for telling us more about yourself and your work.

Many people who claim to love, honor, and respect God/Allah fail to love the whole of His creation. Their love in either nonexistent or very limited, which is the reason that we have so much violence and destruction in the world. If we have true and unconditional love, we could never harm another other living being, or any part of God's creation. True and unconditional love also sees beyond all our differences to the people God desires us to be, and with such understanding comes harmony and peace.

You have our permission to use any of our material on our web site to help you with your university work to help bring true peace to this world and for all humans and other animals..

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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