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Letter From Donna About Genesis 3:21 and Animal Sacrifice - 17 November 2008


Many use Genesis 3:21 to support animal sacrifice. What has your research led you to?

I ordered Animal Gospel by Andrew Linzey. Have you read this and if so did you find God's nature in it?

I so much appreciate your insight and apologize if I impose on your time too much. It's just that I am discovering the truth for the first time in my life and I may be able to share it in the future.



Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Donna:

There are a lot of non-killing explanations for the Genesis 3:21 passage. When you read everything about what was happening up to this point in time in Eden. For example, it appears that Adam and Eve were more spiritual beings, perhaps similar to Jesus after his resurrection, a condition in which there is no death. Following their disobedience, God could have clothed them in the human skin that we now have today that covers a body that will now die. Another explanation is that God clothed them in the discarded skin of the serpent, as snakes shed their skin today, or God could have created the skin to clothe them. Nowhere in this passage is there any mention of killing in order for God to obtain the skins.

Animal Gospel is very good and Andrew and we agree on most theological points.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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