LettersLetter From Donna About Veganism and Rescuing Animals - 15 Dec 2008
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Letter From Donna About Veganism and Rescuing Animals - 15 Dec 2008

Frank and Mary,

Have discovered how much more tasteful a vegan diet can be: AVOCADO AND WHOLE WHEAT TOAST is the BEST!

On a more serious note, my heart aches for my rescues that have been gone for over two weeks. They had all very sad pasts and spending as much time as I did with them got me extremely attached! I have put them in the Lord's hands and just have to have faith.

I pray to be able to be with them all and the ones I continue to help when God has restored things.

I know now the Lord has made me the way I am. A lot of pain comes along with this deep compassion and it is comforting to know you guys are out there.

Please pray for me to find peace in this cold world.

Sincerely, Donna

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Donna:

The world around us is very corrupt and cruel, and millions of innocent humans and billions of animals suffer and die every year. It's very depressing and can easily leave us in a constant state of mourning, but our hope for a better world comes through the Word of God and through the animals we can help, including all the animals we prevent from suffering through our vegan diets.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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