LettersLetter From Herna About God's Caring For Wonderful Creatures - 22 Dec 2008
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Letter From Herna About God's Caring For Wonderful Creatures - 22 Dec 2008

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your well-documented website on animal exploitation! We deeply appreciate the great effort you are making in keeping us readers informed so that we each can do our part in advancing the cause of animal rights! I feel thankful there are still people like you around the world.

God has given each kind of His creatures -- those gentle, innocent and adorable creatures -- what each of them needs for its life and survival on earth. He has given them their eyes, their fur, their skin etc, not for our exploitative uses, but for their comfort and survival. We have no right to strip animals of the gifts endowed upon them by their Creator, who has perhaps given us much much more.

Let each one of us do our part in ending cruelty towards animals by not consuming animal products and by-products. By doing so, let us hope that very soon, we will stop subjecting animals to the mistreatment of those whose hearts are callous and whose souls are depraved. And let us allow every animal to enjoy their equal birthright to partake of the wonder and beauty of life!

They are such beautiful creations! My heart melts each time I see how lovely and adorable each one of them is. It will be a great privilege even just to have the chance to be near them, or to pat them on their heads. Let us cherish each of those sacred, precious, fragile lives, which are meant to be part of the rich heritage of the world!


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Herna:

You're welcome, and thank you for your very encouraging comments. It came like a prayer to our ears.

Have a blessed holiday season, and new year.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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