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Letter From Boszenna About Children Being Cruel to Animals - 7 Jan 2009

Hi Frank,

I found your article on that website when I did Googled "children killing animals."

(My English is not perfect so sorry for any written errors. I'm published new author but my books have two editors)

I live in very small community of 8 houses. Close to me live old couple, very nice people. Very often their three grandchildren (two teenager girls and girl 6 years old) come to visit their grandma. Those pretty girls killed around 30 or more small animals, telling people it was "accident."

Two years ago I gave them for free two baby rabbits, because their grandpa repaired our car and his grandkids lost their pet rabbit in accident. I do not know that time, then other lady from village told me that I have done the most stupid things and those two rabbits would have short and violent lives. I did not believe it.

Very soon girls, canvassing to my door with chocolates, told about those rabbits' accidents - one was killed by car and other one broke his neck in the cage. Well, I raised my rabbits in Poland for 15 years and never accidents happen, except some illness.

I was shoveling snow on second of January 2009 when I met my neighbor. There was his son helping dig a grave close to my property. I asked "What animal died?"

He answered that it was that black dog named Joe. It had car accident. I was mad and said "This was murder!. Those kids already killed over 20 kittens, some puppies (every puppy their dog had, was having accident and finally that small white dog got killed too) and three rabbits (this was only what I knew from other people. Even their grandparents told the numbers of those cats having accidents, but grandparents do believe that it was just bad luck animals had and accidents were real.

About that black dog... I was mad and I took a walk around to check for footprints. It was fresh snow. I walked around their property and there were no footprints towards the highway, not footprints on the "nobodies" property where no one lives. Only near the railroad tracks were three circles of dog prints and one person's footprints, only on the property where that dog lives. Dog was given to grandpa from his grandchildren for short time to take care, but it was planed, to kill dog. That middle size mongrel was tied up to the long wire and slept in the shack. When I saw that dog's footprints were on that property I knew that dog was strangled in that shack. If dog was killed by the car on the highway, there would be blood in the white snow.

Actually two days before that animal died. I had strange feeling, I felt like I'm going to be killed and the person would call it "accident" and would point to someone else, who would do that. I live alone, my husband passed away 5 months ago due to cancer. I knew that my fears were not reasonable. Now I know that I did get that distress call of that dog who smelled his death.

Girls lives in town in apartment building with their mother, I have no address no their names. Few years ago one lady from our community call some organization but they said that is very difficult to watch year around those kids.

What to do? Where to go? I do not want fight with those kids, or take them to court, but to help them to change. Soon they would kill humans. Grandparents of those girls believe that their grandkids are innocent, they told that girls had very bad lives - single mother, drugs, alcohol and boyfriends with problems. Probably those girls were abused too. How can I help? There are more kids like that.

Best regards to you,

Boszenna from western Canada

P.S. I'm writing my memoirs and I would tell about that event too, just to warn others about those problems. Such kids need help fast before they turn into serial killers.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Boszenna:

Thank you very much for writing to us, and telling us about the horrible things that have happened, and we believe that your interpretation is correct.

It would appear that no one in that family has any empathy, which is an indication that they are sociopathic, and it this is correct, it it doubtful that they will ever change, and their sadism will only increase.

We would suggest that you inform the authorities and tell them your suspicions, and even if they cannot act now, they will have a record in their files should something else happen in this family or to others associated with them.

We're sorry we cannot do more to help.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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