LettersLetter to the Editor From Veronica About Young Vegetarians - 18 Jan 2009
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Letter to the Editor From Veronica About Young Vegetarians - 18 Jan 2009

To the Editor of The Reporter

Young vegetarian hopes for more cooperation, aid

Everyone knows that vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular with both kids and adults.

What they may not know is how to get the right vitamins and proteins.

Did you know that you can get iron just from cooking in an iron skillet?

If you're interested in going veg, get some info first about what you will need to add to your diet.

People go vegetarian for many reasons, such as health, weight loss, and animal welfare.

It is proven that vegetarian kids are normally smarter and healthier (provided they take the right supplements) than those who are not on a vegetarian diet.

I decided to go vegetarian after seeing how cruelly the animals are treated in slaughterhouses, dairy farms and circuses.

I have now been vegetarian for four years.

I am in Boyertown Junior High East's NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps), and am considering going into the Navy after I graduate.

However, I am concerned about the amount of vegetarian options, as I heard one woman had to buy her own food, then get reimbursed for it later.

I would like to see the Navy as well as the schools providing more vegetarian options.

I hope the government does the right thing for the country's students and servicemen and women.

For more information about being vegetarian, check out Vegsource.com or Goveg.com.

Veronica, age 13

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