LettersLetter From Syed About Activism For Animals Around the World - 23 Mar 2009
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Letter From Syed About Activism For Animals Around the World - 23 Mar 2009

Letter to the Editor, DawnMedia.com:

This is apropos of the editorial on March 10 on the mistreatment of animals generally, and by zoos in particular.

Pro animal rights articles such as this raise public awareness of the suffering inflicted on animals by human beings.

Sarah Jahangir’s letter on March 18, regretted the institutionalized cruelty to stray dogs in Karachi.

Such practices, carried out for generations, become the accepted norm unless people begin to ask what right humans have to inflict pain and suffering on sentient beings who cannot defend themselves.

Fortunately, a new ethic is beginning to emerge in the West, where many educational institutions are adding Animal Ethics and Animal Laws into their graduate programmes.

Such steps may not yet be feasible in Pakistan, but occasional articles and editorials the media is bound to make changes in some attitudes over time, and make animal life less painful.

In fact we do not even need to take lessons from the west regarding our treatment of animals.

We need only read the words of our holy Prophet Muhammad SAW “Whoever is kind to the creature of God, is kind to himself.”

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