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Letter From Helga About Our Amazing Website - 31 Mar 2009

Dear Mary and Frank,

I have just discovered your amazing website.... and I know I shall spend many many hours to explore and read - and possibly send you more feedback later on.

For now I just quickly want to say THANK YOU... from the depth of my heart! for providing such an awesome place to get lost in.

I actually found you via the small reference-print on the bottom of an article about lentils in one of the featured articles of today's "NaturalNews"... the last reference on the very bottom.

I've sent the article to a dear friend (who is battling breast cancer) .... and I sent her your URL as well !!

The link to your site opened on the lentils-page....and that's how I came to check out ALL of your recipes !! (Yes, I should be doin' some work around here -- but getting through all of your wonderful recipes, even just only opening and reading the ones of most interest and bookmarking the rest has taken me several hours.

I've been writing up my recipes for years now (mainly raw/always all vegan), with photos...just for myself, and sometimes sharing with a friend in need. But, boy...do you have a variety and quantity of wonderful mouthwatering recipes to share!!

I shall go and pick out the pure vegan ones and try to find the RAW ones, especially, one day.

I have just won a competition (a fire-engine-red super-blender!!) by entering my favorite summer-smoothie-recipe (the Green Smoothie) for the Chia-seeds-company in Australia. And I saw on your website that you have NO Green-Smoothie-recipe, yet.

Would you like me to send you one ? There are, of course, many many varieties.

Well, just quickly, for now... I want to comment on a few bits re: your utensils.

It has surprised my very much that you are using a microwave oven for preparing (killing) food. I know there to be so many articles written about the hazards of microwaving already...and you might be aware of that. If not, perhaps you'd like to look into some of the research results about what microwaves actually DO to food. I'm sure I have read some material here. Mike Adam's site is highly searchable. Even Googling it should bring up some great info. If I find some of the material I have read over the past years re: microwaves in my files somewhere in my computer
(gotta go look), I'll send it you :-)

Another thing is TEFLON...I hope you have thrown that old wok out! I had been following the teflon-scandal for a few years now, billions of dollars in court-cases and compensation-payments .....
and they still can manufacture stuff with teflon-coating !!

Other than those two little things that wanted me to speak up and make a note for you.... I want to thank you for so much great work and dedication. I shall go and check out the rest of your website (I've ONLY read the recipe section :-))

I would like to send you a document I have purchased from the "Soil and Health Library" in Australia, the "Essene Gospel of John." In all my years of preferring to eat my food raw (since about 1983) I had never considered seriously other reasons than health reasons for NOT cooking my vegan food. Well, in the Essene Gospel of John I have found the reason GOD gave me to NOT cook my food. I had always sensed and kinda known this .... but only since having been guided to find the Gospel in this hidden library...everything I've been feeling is making sense.

I would really like to share with you this Gospel .... and I shall pray to God to receive an answer.

Maybe you would like to let me know whether you're interested in receiving this material.

And now I've gotta go ......

Thanking you again for your generous sharing of so much impressive and good information,

I'm sending you all my love, many smiles and warm sunshine from Australia,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Helga:

Thank you very much for writing again. We appreciate your kind and encouraging comments about our web site.

All of our recipes are strictly vegan with very little oil, salt, or processed ingredients. Although the majority of them are cooked, we do have some raw ones, especially, in the salad bar and fruit smoothie sections. We also have some green smoothies listed as veggie smoothies and one or two beet ones. And, we would like to receive some of yours, too.

We have done a lot of research on the use of microwave ovens, and they cause absolutely no problems to plant foods. However, they do cause problems with animal products, particularly the fat, which is part of every cell wall. Since we are strictly vegan, there are no problems or harmful effects to the food, that is, any more that cooking them on the stove top or in the oven.

You're correct, we really should take down the old wok page and just show the polished stainless steel one. We stopped using it years ago.

We have seen the Essene Gospels, and they are very interesting, and point strongly to living a vegan lifestyle. The only problem with them is that most of the writing is not backed up by historical manuscripts.

We look forward for hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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