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Letter to the Editor from Jenny About Captive Animals - 3 Apr 2009

Dear Mary and Frank,

I was just reading your bunny article on-line so thought I'd pass on a letter I had published in the Bendigo Advertiser this week (which is partly about bunnies).

Have been trying to get various opinion pieces published but no luck so far.

Hope you are both keeping well.


Many caged pets lead intolerable lives
I TOTALLY agree with Lisa Roulston (Circusí use of animals amounts to cruelty, The Advertiser, March 30).

Condemning animals to a lifetime of imprisonment for nothing but human entertainment is cruel. Unfortunately, many other animals - besides circus animals - share a somewhat similar fate. These animals are known as "pets."

Many "pet" birds are forced to spend their entire lives in barren, wire cages, just so humans can enjoy looking at them.

Even if they are occasionally given the "freedom" of the house, this hardly compares with the freedom they were intended to enjoy, swirling and soaring with their flock and flying great distances.

"Pet" rabbits face a similar fate. For these agile creatures, born to run like the wind and dig deep burrows in the dirt, life in a small, barren, wire-floored cage must be an incredibly sad and boring existence. Mice, guinea pigs, rats and fish also share the same sort of fate as do many zoo animals.

Iím sure any human would find this sort of existence intolerable. Consequently, is it fair to condemn other life-loving, freedom-loving creatures to this extreme deprivation for nothing but human entertainment?


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