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Letter to the Editor from Jenny About Mother's Day and Animals - 8 May 2009

Dear Mary and Frank,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful work that you continually do, spreading the word about cruelty to animals, vegetarianism, etc.

I was fortunate to have this letter published in the Bendigo Advertiser today, along with three local newspapers.

Very best wishes,

This Sunday is Motherís Day, but for millions of mums this day will be as sad as every other.

Iím referring to the chicken and pig mothers incarcerated in our grim factory farms. Forced to continuously churn out babies, these pitiful mothers are never permitted to experience any of the joys of motherhood. Severely confined in metal crates, pig mothers can do no more than suckle their piglets and watch helplessly as their squealing youngsters are agonizingly castrated and tail docked. Hens are not even permitted to see their adorable, fluffy babies. Perhaps itís just as well. How would "battery" mums feel, seeing their beautiful male baby chicks suffocated or dropped live into industrial blenders on day one of their lives? And how would "broiler" mums feel seeing their chicks crippled and suffering from chronic pain while still blue-eyed, six-week-old babes?

Is it fair to treat mothers and babies so cruelly? How would we human mothers like to be treated this way? Isnít it time we stood up for our defenseless, non-human counterparts and put an end to this heartless abuse? The good news is that, as the primary buyers of food, we women have the power to change all this.

When we stop contributing to these inhumane industries with our consumer dollars, these ruthless industries will be forced to change.

Letís all make this the most momentous Motherís Day ever, by vowing never to contribute to the abuse of mothers and babies again.


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