LettersLetter From Barbara About Cruelty to Animals - 4 Jun 2009
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Letter From Barbara About Cruelty to Animals - 4 Jun 2009

Glad to be receiving your news, and glad to have finally found one that is based on Christian values too. I have thought about it and have decided that if Jesus were to walk the earth today, he would be greatly hurt to see what mankind is doing to his animals. He would also be a vegetarian for sure!

I worry so about the outcome of all of this animal brutality. People are in such trouble with finances and jobs and when I see the abuse on videos, I think they must be taking it out on the animals that have no voice. What I think of next is what would they go on to, the children, the elderly, the mentally handicapped? I feel that in order for them to stop, we must stop the overproduction and exploitation of the "herds" of all animals.

I sense a time of change coming by the e-mails I receive on notifications of all of the cruelty being brought to light. My friends tell me they can't watch what the videos show, but the 'out of sight-out of mind' mentality will not work here. It must be brought out so that we can stop it. Thanks for your help in this. I intend to pass along the site.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Barbara:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. We agree with you, but perhaps we should first consider reducing our own human herds (:-)).

We look forward to hearing from you again, soon.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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