LettersLetter From Sarah About Bread Recipes - 18 Jun 2009
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Letter From Sarah About Bread Recipes - 18 Jun 2009

I've sent you messages off and on over the last few years since I found your site.

Thank You again and again and again for sharing with us.

Now I have a question...

Do you have or have you ever tried making a pinto bean bread or a black bean bread?

You seem to be so talented in the kitchen.

I've run across a few recipes online but wanted to see if maybe you had a recipe or have ever tried it.

Here is the link I ran into for pinto bean bread*.

It seems like it would be high in fiber as well as protein. What do you think?

Thank you for your kindness to the animals of the world. I share in your concern and love and respect of ALL CREATURES.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your continued kind words and encouragement.

We have not made bread with either pinto or black beans, but we have made it with potatoes, and zucchini, which should work the same. We would suggest that you use any of our regular bread recipes and put a cup or a little more of beans in a blender with the water to make a total of 2 cups. Add this to the flour and add any additional water as needed.

We have also made non-yeast muffin type bread with both potatoes and zucchini, and the beans should work well with them, too.

Actually, calorie for calorie, romaine lettuce has more protein.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

*the original recipes calls for milk. Please use plant milk of your choice.

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