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Letter to Officials in Our Alert, Help Stop Killing All Dogs in Hanzhong City - 25 Jun 2009

How on earth can any normal human being do this to a dog. what is the matter with you people? this is the 21st century, where barbaric killing of any animal is not tolerated. You should hang your heads in shame. Vaccinations is the way to deal with rabies, the same as children are vaccinated against other diseases. when you were in the middle of the SARS virus, a few years ago. which killed more people then rabies has, did you go about beating people to death, No, well you have no right to beat a dog either.

If China can afford to pay for the Olympic games, they can afford to buy vaccinations for dogs. there are plenty of worldwide animal welfare societies, who have offered help.

Enforce animal welfare laws and bring China in to the 21st century.

D. Davies


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear D:

Thank you very much for your copy of the letter you sent to the people on the alert. It is very good. We will also publish it on our web site,

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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