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Letter from Lauren About Circus Cruelties - 30 Jul 2009

Dear Animal Rights Online,

I have visited your site many times recently and would like to submit a poem. I wasn't sure how you submit poems but I saw you could email you, so I have.

I wrote this poem at school when we were learning about circuses. I strongly agree that all circuses with animals used in any acts, whether cruel or not should be stopped...NOW! I realize that some people were born into the circus and make the money they live on from it but I don't see why they should have the right to whip the animals, stuff them in tiny cages and get away with it. If people were in the animals' situations, would they like how they were treated?

I know some circuses with animals treat them with the respect they deserve but others (most) don't. Most of the animals they use are endangered and are on the brink of dying out. Where would we be without the elephants? tigers? and other animals they ill-treat?

I have been wishing all my life one day, soon every animal would be free to roam, free from poachers and free to play. Wishing isn't enough anymore. We need to take action. And fast! My school made protesting banners and spread the word. Told newspapers and wrote to people. No one replied. Seemed like no one cared.

But I do. I'm going to make a difference. One way or another.
I know there are other ways people ill-treat animals but circuses are one way that animals are cruelly treated. If we can stop this and make a few more animals free from harm we can try and help save some more.

Here is my poem, Circus Truth, if there are any spelling mistakes or punctuation to be corrected please make the changes that are necessary:

Circus Truth

Mind freezer,
monkey teaser.
Wing clipper,
mind flipper.
Lion basher,
skull crasher.
Flipper cracker,
care slacker.
Animal Carer?
People scarer.
Money maker,
bone breaker.
Sore loser,
animal bruiser.
Harm hider,
heavy rider.
Truth hater,
welfare traitor.
People sadder,
RSPCA madder.

If you get the chance to read this and put it on the website I would be so grateful. it would mean that I could be happy that I've done something to try and stop some thing that has been bugging me for the past year and will maybe still be a problem in years to come. I hope not and wish this will help. If everyone does there bit then the world will soon be a happier place. Wishing and hoping is all that I can do now. But one day, when I'm older, and I have the chance to speak my mind, show the world what I stand for, I will hopefully inspire the minds of the children who will encourage their parents to BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!

Circus Truth is one message I hope will spread around the world and change the minds of others and make them aware of the truth behind circuses...even the kindest at first sight may have a dirty secret.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Thank you very much for your letter and poem. They will help, and we will publish both on our main web site, All-Creatures.org. Also, if you've written anything else, we'd love to publish it. You are never to young to be heard and make a positive difference.

Just think, in addition to helping the circus animals, we could each save about 36 land animals and many sea animals every year by becoming vegan, and that is also a statement that will be heard by many other people.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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