LettersLetter From Liz About Waking up to Cruelty Toward Animals - 2 Aug 2009
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Letter From Liz About Waking up to Cruelty Toward Animals - 2 Aug 2009

Hi Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your reply.

Iím actually in the UK and have been at work all day and only got home after 8pm, so have only just seen this email from you both.

I have to be honest, Iím not vegan or vegetarian and I am an atheist so I apologize if I offend.

I suppose this makes me a hypocrite, however, if this is ignorance on my part and condones cruelty, I will gladly try to give up eating meat. I donít wear leather and definitely not fur.

I commend you on your part in editing and I really feel for you. I donít know if you were there filming, if you were, that must have been so hard, or if not, hard on the photographer/videographer, however, to have edited those pictures of those poor animals. It mustíve been absolutely shocking and sickening for you. After watching, Iíve had to cope with various emotions like feeling my mind has been corrupted however, Iíve been stupid and naive and that is why I had to look again at the photos on the website and video.

I just cannot get over it, it has shocked me to the core. I realize it goes on worldwide and the website describes the people as sociopaths, with no conscience.

I still feel sick and have talked to it non stop to my colleagues. I have had mixed reactions, some have called me Ďmorbidly curiousí to even watch it but I want to spread the word, and fought back by saying that to not watch it, is to deny it is going on!

Iíve attached a couple of photos of myself and my gorgeous dog Ben who is a mixture of alsation, collie and golden retriever. I think you will agree he is beautiful.

Take care, and although I apologize for being a non believer, God Bless you.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Liz:

Thank you very much for writing back.

You never have to apologize for not being a believer. The Church has done an excellent job of chasing people away.

You have the right attitude about people who won't look at the truth as being in denial, and this is the main reason that there is so much cruelty in the world.

We didn't take the video, it was done by an undercover Chinese photographer.

About being vegan, your heart is almost there, for true and unlimited compassion is the open door to living a vegan lifestyle. When you tell people the truth about animal exploitation, and the atrocities that go along with it, they often times will try to turn the tables on you by finding fault with what you eat and wear. Vegans shoot the wind out of their sails.

We see you have two more emails following this one and look forward to hearing from you again.

Great photos of you and Ben, and beautiful country.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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