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Letter from Roberta to Moment Magazine About Fur - 5 Aug 2009

Editor, Moment Magazine:

Your story of the Jewish presence in the garment and fashion industries is one that was worth chronicling (July-August 2009).

I know that Jews were very prominent in the fur fashion business. Although you did not write about this aspect, you chose to feature a model wearing fur on your cover and inside showed a contemporary designer who was wrapped in animal fur.

Today we know of the hideous conditions under which animals are raised and killed so that their skin and fur can be used for coats and for trim. Many people have stopped buying and wearing fur. There are designers and retailers who no longer handle fur. Although we may acknowledge it's place in our past, we should consider no longer glorifying the wearing of fur today.

I would recommend that you watch "The Witness",
a DVD that explains how the animals are treated in order to obtain their fur. It is available from tribeofheart.org.

With the rising awareness of the cruelty to animals for food, research, entertainment and adornment, I hope you will consider an article about Jews who are leaders and workers in the animal welfare movement. You can start by checking jewishveg.com. Another DVD, "A Sacred Duty, Applying Jewish values to help heal the world" is available there.

I would very much appreciate a personal reply.

Roberta Schiff, Events Chair & VP
Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society

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