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Letter From Blair About Waking Up to Animal Abuse - 8 Aug 2009

Hello to all,

My name is Blair. I am 25 and I woke up one day (I was about 24). I had a new boyfriend (which was a good thing) and he had the internet, which means I got a hold of it. I found out about something: animal suffering: factory farms, puppy mills, animal chemical testing, endless torturing and domestic animal abuse. Unfortunately the list goes on and will continue to go on.

I should say first I was concerned about the world's poverty and hungry children , I still am. The issue is animals. It's so hard to express to people how I sincerely feel about this subject (I usually start hysterically crying). Most get offended and say "vegetables feel suffering too, we have to eat" or "God, gave us animals to eat." The most simple answers.

Someone said to me once, "Why care? It's not a universal point and it taste good". I have to admit that maybe my compassion comes from my ego and pride and wanting so badly to stop the screams and torture of Gods creatures. When did suffering become okay? When did it not matter anymore?

I have been oblivious to it for so long, the real true horrors of a typical factory farm pig or a caged/chained dog. This worry, this hurt has made me suffer from extreme depression and panic attacks. The people who care so much know that it will never stop completely and that right there keeps the worry and the pain fresh for the next day. It's something that most people will push aside and laugh about...animals who suffer greatly to provide us with vain demanding pleasures and fast food joints. I feel tremendous sadness everyday, in the shower, cooking my favorite vegetarian or free range chicken meal. What happened to the traditional farm where cows graze and pigs play in mud? My brother who is a smart guy told me once "Mind your own business, not everyone 'feels' how you feel."

Animals have a life. They have a journey, a destination. They have a story just like every other living thing on this planet. Is it because they taste good and food is scarce so we should keep them trapped in a macabre sorrowful environment?

Humans will go to far lengths to justify animal suffering. My heart hurts for every animal who is stressed and trapped. We animal lovers and activists are only saying it loud and proud because just MAYBE it will save a animal from a hard, long, lost life.

Thank you for reading this. Bless all. Peace to all creatures.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Blair:

Thank you very much for writing.

We also hear all those crazy excuses and questions to try to justify the pain, suffering and death that they contribute to. And for the most part, we believe that they really know the truth and just don't care, as the one person said to you. They know they can't win the argument, so they attack the you, the messenger.

We have also seen a lot of suffering on so-called family farms. The only place that we have seen 'farmed' animals truly treated with compassion and respect is on sanctuaries.

Food is scarce because of the the flesh and bodily secretion culture. If we were all vegans, their would be more than enough food to feed everyone.

Our hearts hurt, too, and that's the spark that keeps us going.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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