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Letter From Karen About Images of Cruelty for Fur - 26 Aug 2009

This website is absolutely horrific !!!!!

I have to share this planet with these sadistic bastards who obtain obvious pleasure from torturing these harmless, beautiful animals in their quest to make "a buck" for their fur. Why such torture.... to chop off their legs and then skin them alive.... there are no words to describe this senseless cruelty ! I am absolutely appalled that this can be allowed to happen.

Something has to be done about this and now!!!!!! How can we stop this??? What is being done?

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Karen:

Thank you for writing and for wanting to help. We totally agree with your comments.

To end the suffering, use, and exploitation of animals, we need to bring public pressure against the governments and individuals involved. We do this be informing every one we can about these horrors, and by encouraging them to also speak out and demand an end to the torture and use of animals.

Another aspect of ending the suffering is for each of us to set the proper example by not eating, wearing, or using animals in any other way. Otherwise, they just point fingers at us for our use of animals. By being vegan, we take all their arguments away, and save many more animals in the process.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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