LettersLetter from Richard About Christian Compassion - 23 Sep 2009
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Letter from Richard About Christian Compassion - 23 Sep 2009

Mr. Eric Pratt Gun Owners of America Springfield, Virginia

Dear Mr. Pratt:

I have just read your article, "Another AntiGun Kook Joins The Obama Team" posted on NewsWithViews.com. I am saddened and angered that you call those of us who are far more pro-life than people like you could ever be, "kooks".

When I became a Christian, I had always had a love and concern for animals and it worried me immensely that they might not have souls and not go to heaven. I always admired St. Francis of Assisi and wanted that special relationship with animals he had. He also called the earth "mother" and the creatures, "brother." In the Christian sense this is not irreverent when we have as our Father, God. So as Christians we know that a Father is over a Mother or Brother or Sister and that is the way Francis looked at things and so should we. In that context Father God is over Mother Earth and Brother or Sister Fox, Moon, or whatever creature reference is made.

Francis, along with John Muir and Albert Schweitzer, had a special and unique relationship with nature and its God that very few of us Christians have today. In that relationship we are one with the earth, its creatures and the Creator of them all. The deeper that relationship becomes the desire to kill or harm creation becomes less and less.

The Lord knew of this concern I had and revealed to me that He is the Prince of Life (Acts 3:15) and as such He highly cares for His creation, even to the point when He died on the cross His blood was shed not only to save sinful mankind but that all things both in Heaven and Earth shall be reconciled to Him in peace through the shedding of His blood (Colossians 1:20)..

Such a revelation to me indicates He deeply cares about His creation far more than we do. I firmly believe that "Thou Shalt Not Kill" was written in that context to show God never wanted killing to take place and in the end all killing will end for that is His perfect will that will once again be established when Jesus returns to rule on earth.

As I grew in my faith Jesus revealed to me the depth of what it means for Him to be Prince of Life. He opened the Scriptures to show how much He cares about the creation. I have grown to the point I don't want to kill any sentient being, turned against the death penalty and all instruments of death. I used to shoot a rifle but now I can't stand a gun, or even the feel of one, which makes me feel as if it is a cold steely object.

Therefore, I detest guns or any other weapon that kills or injures. Yes, I would like to see all guns outlawed. They are designed to kill and when you say cars kill, which they do; they were not designed to do so. I also realize that it is impossible to outlaw every gun in existence and to make any such law totally effective every single gun would have to be confiscated and that is an absolute impossibility because if just one person has a gun, he can terrorize the rest who do not have a gun.

Therefore, I am for all sensible gun control regulation. I would like to see guns designed where they do not kill but render the individual shot in a temporary state of paralysis until he or she can be restrained and taken into custody. I would also like to see all wars fought with non-lethal weapons and I believe with the technology we available will in time accomplish this noble and humane objective.

By the way the Second Amendment only allows those belonging to a militia the right to bear arms. The militia to which the framers of the Constitution is no longer in existence so there is really no guarantee to that right, but there is nothing in that amendment that denies people to have guns; however not the right. The Amendment needs revision to clearly state the citizens, not a militia, have that right.

People like you would never be happy in heaven or when Jesus returns to earth for He will end all killing once and for all, "for there shall be no more harm on all my Holy Mountain (Isaiah 11:9, but read 6-8 as well). All instruments of death will finally be destroyed forever and ever. You had better get rid of that killing attitude for that attitude is not that of our God. Those who desire to kill or destroy any form of animal or human life are of the Prince of Death, Satan, himself.

One day man will pay dearly for his abuse of creation when God will make him a sacrifice for the animals during the great battle (Ezekiel 39:17-20)when He calls the birds of the air and the beasts of the field to feast of the blood of valiant warriors, and their horses, saying eat this flesh and drink this blood which I have prepared for you. This becomes the ultimate act of love and restitution God makes toward the obedient creation, which through no fault of its own, was forced into bondage and decay.

To treat creation as we now treat it is not only arrogant but contemptible before God, the great Creator of it.

In fact St Paul alludes to the fact animals could be in heaven (Romans 8:18-23).

It is time we started seeking the perfect will of God who never allowed killing in the first place but because of sin allowed it (His permissive will) and in the end will banish it forever.

We who have seen the Perfect Will of God and the full revelation of Jesus as Prince of Life will never support deliberate killing for any reason of any sentient being. We will extend the Sanctity of Life to all sentient life from unborn human babies to all the wildlife amongst us. We will raise the level of thou shalt not kill to its highest and most noble purpose, higher than that of the Roman Catholic Church.

Remember that the love or lust to kill our fellow creatures (even wanton abuse of them) will lead to abuse of human life, even resulting in acts of wanton murder. This has been proven over and over again in many psychological and FBI studies. Remember Jesus' words, "Those that live by the sword will perish by it". People such as you are nothing but killers and love doing it. You love destroying what Jesus died to redeem and paid with His blood doing it.

God created creation primarily for His pleasure, not ours (Revelation 4:11). That pleasure was to receive their praise and adoration as commanded in the very Psalms themselves. "Let all things that have breath praise the Lord" They are more faithful in giving Him praise than we are.

Calling those who have this deep reverence for the lives of all sentient beings because their research of the Scriptures has led them to believe that all killing is wrong kooks borders on blasphemy on Jesus' redemptive work on the cross for all creation. You are too much of this world to understand and because of you choose the wisdom of this world rather than seeking the full knowledge of Jesus as Prince of Life, this will eventually be your downfall.


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