LettersLetter from Chinelle About Animals and the Bible, Our Image Gallery - 4 Nov 2009
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Letter from Chinelle About Animals and the Bible, Our Image Gallery - 4 Nov 2009

Dear Frank and Mary,

Please may I ask where you are from?

Your website has truly, truly touched me... You are doing such a fantastic job... But I truly believe that your gallery should be shared on National Television...

It needs to be made completely public in order for there to be a huge out cry and drastic drop in the sale of all meat and byproducts.

In South Africa there is an amazing team of journalists called "Carte Blanch" that did a show on animal cruelty a while back. They showed live and shocking accounts of the dog slaughtering and the abuse of animals.

I think this team should do a shocking broadcast on all animals slaughter and abuse. They need to see that video on the live skinny of the puppy.

Please.... I wish to get them in touch with you, or at least get them to view your website, and have them do thorough and in your face investigations on the meat industry. They should just title the broadcast "The reason why people become Vegan.." Or.. "the truth about meat.."

And from there on let the viewers decide for themselves how 'humane' their dinner really is. You are right.. I am sure that God did not intend for this...

And I get angry with people who quote the bible on the sacrificing of lambs etc. Welcome to the year 2010. Firstly, the bible was written by humans, and might I add, edited by humans, interpreted by humans and then rewritten by humans. When the Bible speaks of eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, it does not mean go around and poke eyes out at your own leisure, because then the bible always reminds you to "turn the other cheek". I believe in God, but I have hard time understanding the Bible. But my interpretation of the phrase is similar to the phrase "what you reap you shall sow."

So, for now... Let's keep 'understanding the Bible' out of this, and try and understand why this is being so universally justified because I don't understand it.

But I do believe that every human being out there needs to have the full uncovered truth about where their food came from, and how it came to be on their plate.

It is a humane responsibility of the consumer to know this. And I truly believe that the world's consumers DO NOT know the TRUTH!!!

They need to see it as brutal and honest as it truly is. Only then will they have full right to justify their decision after witnessing this truth.

You can tell a person that what they are eating was once a living animal but what the eye doesn't see, the ears don't hear. Our minds just shut it out because the packaging is so pretty. Once again, a voice tells us that it was once a living animal.. But what do we see? A pretty "ready to eat" package with a catchy marketing slogan, colorful wrapping and a wealthy name.

Doesn't the packaging of bacon and lamb look so... neat.. and... humane.? News flash...... It's not....

Time to open Pandora's box....

Who created money...? I assure this world, it was not the creator of the Universe who created money.. It was humans and with this "money" planet earth knows of, world has become cruel, obsessed and just gone completely crazy.

And slowly but surely we destroy our planet, one step at a time. Our polar bears are dying, our ice caps are melting, our sea life is being destroyed, and our loving beautiful creatures are dying in ways that this earth did not intend. My God, please help me understand this.

What makes human's think they have the right to take God's creations and treat them in this manner? Interestingly enough, human's somehow find the 'compassion' to not mass slaughter other humans and package them for profit.... After all, there is a myth that human flesh tastes like bacon? What is next? What a disgrace.

It's time for a few people to look consumerism in its ugly face and save this beautiful planet... Frank, Mary.... Why not go completely public with your findings....?

I assure you, there is not a person who watches it who will find it entertaining and tasty. Other than the sociopaths out there. But in all honesty, those are few. But it is unfortunate the the large amount of compassionate human beings out there who do love animals, have been blinded by the sick heartless sociopaths, which is why the consumers keep consuming.

Food had become as plastic as it's wrapping, and has become as fake as the 'beautiful' names we give the decadents... like: "duck l'orange" and "cottage pie."

When I say fake I do not mean that the food is not real, I mean that the suffering the food went through is not real. Your cottage pie doesn't look a lot like a cow now does it?

Neither does a bottle of milk and I am so sure that most people would not eat the cottage pie if they watched the true making of it from life to oven baked tastiness.

Would you mind if I informed the Carte Blanch team on your website and findings?

It's shocking enough to hit front pages, yet has remained so discreet and silent.

Please, let the cries be heard.

Kind Regards,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Chinelle:

Thank you very much for kind and very encouraging letter.

Our ministry and Foundation is based in New York State in the USA, but as you have found out, it extends around the world.

We'd be delighted to work with you and the Carte Blanch team in doing anything that would help enlighten the public to the horrors of animal exploitation.

Humans have indeed made a mess out of Biblical teaching, and we believe that part of it was done intentionally to try to justify various lifestyles that go against God's original and heavenly intent. We discuss some of these in our Bible Section.

Our society hardens the hearts of our little children by introducing them to eating an animal's flesh and bodily secretions, and as they get older, they become blinded to the atrocities that are committed upon billions of animals every year.

If we were all vegan, we would be a lot healthier, there wouldn't be any world hunger, and the environment would be a lot cleaner. And, most importantly, most animals would cease to suffer at the hands of human beings.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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