LettersLetter from Marisol About Losing Her Dog and About Our Site - 16 Nov 2009
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Letter from Marisol About Losing Her Dog and About Our Site - 16 Nov 2009

I feel your site is a blessing from God, sent to me. I love animals and the cruelty in this world toward them breaks my heart every day. I feel sometimes that I am very alone in the world when it comes to wanting to rescue them, love them and let them just live. I hope to have more time to really explore your site, but I had to let you know how excited I was to read the prayers for animals that you post.

I have 5 cats and a guinea pig. I recently lost my dog to kidney failure after she gave a six-month fight to make it through a lot of health problems. I spent every penny I had to get her better, but in the end it bought me six more months with my beloved Kayla. I have an aunt that had a dog who came down with a simple case of diabetes and they put her to sleep!! I wish that was all that was wrong with my dog. I would have thanked God she would be ok.

This day and age people look at animals as disposable. I find that disgusting. I have pictures I would like to send of all my different animals getting along over the past years. I have a cat that loved a pet rat, kittens with the guinea pig, dog eating with the cats and such. I will send those soon.

Thank you for being a friend to God's animals. I thank you for such a wonderful site!!


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Mary:

Thank you very much for writing and for your encouraging comments about our web site, and the photos.

We are also saddened to hear about Kayla, and know the emptiness you must be feeling, as we've been there several times ourselves. Is that you in the photo with Kayla.

We also like your nocturnal visitor. Who is the bird?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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