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Letter from Anna About Closing Gaza Zoo - 19 Nov 2009

What Israel had done there, is horrible and inexplicable. However, instead of donating and rebuilding the zoo, it should be closed down. The animals are kept in enclosures so small they can hardly walk 3 steps, for example the lion cage. You have to wonder what is a bigger cruelty - being confined like that, or being put out of your misery. Also, this zoo had served as a location for an "educational" video shown during a Hamas-supported children's show in which also the murder of Jews is encouraged to children. In this video, the show mascot took a few kids to the Gaza Zoo, entered the cat house and beat, kicked and tossed the cats all over the place. Once all kids got the message that this was all great and the cats sat shivering in a corner, the mascot tells the kids: "And this is how not to act"...

In other words, Gaza Zoo may pretend to be grief-stricken when it's about telling the media how bad Israel is, but given events like the cat beating and the inhumanely small lion cage, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Palestinians had massacred the zoo themselves only to blame Israel. From kicking a cat to shooting it, it's not that far a cry.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Anna:

Thank you very much for writing. We agree that the zoo shouldn't be reopened.

Where did you get the information about the children and the cat abuse?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary