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Letter from Patty About Caring For Her Cats - 2 Dec 2009


Just loved your site. Your orange/white cat looked so much like our Sammy who at age 19 who had to be put to sleep in December 2007. Rescued as strays, he and a brother, gray/white, must have been a year old then before I caught and neutered and tested for all diseases. Both were fine. Thereafter they joined our inside cats to live a safe life and there I agree with you. Keep cats inside. Too many bad things happen to animals outside. I spay and neuter any stray that comes in our yard and then release them. I always try to find the owner by putting out flyers on doors with pictures and knocking and asking. This is how we have had our abandoned cats in our home f or years. People do not spay or neuter and let them roam to be hit by cars, etc.

Our Blacky (or as we called him Backy) came back again to eat early in the morning, a beautiful jet black male I caught when another black male from out of nowhere appeared and was fighting with him. This was February 2002. Next day to the vet, again another cat had no diseases. The most sweetest and docile cat, never a problem, so quiet. This August of 2009, he began having a problem urinating, in and out of the litter box. I started him on natural herbs. First, this helped, but then in September I took him to vet who took x-rays and saw a small white mass in his bladder. Gave scripts from vet, did not help. Took back to vet, more x-rays, then said no blockage or FUS. Referred to a Specialist for ultrasound. It showed same white mass in bladder, no one knew the problem so November 19, a bladder biopsy was done by my vet. This showed cancer all in the bladder and soon to rupture.

We were stunned and sad, had to put him to sleep. My vet who does not believe in doing this, made the choice. We tried all things to save him, all said this is rare in a healthy inside cat. I never use anything toxic. Science Diet food. Also fed Anitra Frazer raw food diet, with natural minerals over the years. Do you have any clue or idea on bladder cancer? He never acted sick, was loving as usual. Until less than a couple weeks before he died he stopped eating any food, On the last two days of his life I fixed the raw food diet and he ate as if he was starved, cats are carnivorous which I know. This was boneless, skinless, chicken breast and raw chicken liver. I had started feeding my cats this again this year. I'm thinking, could this have caused the cancer? I'm searching for answers. Sorry this is so long.

We have a huge long screened-in patio in back and cats love it. It's like being outside to them, bird and squirrel watching, and we have a cat door from the inside of the house onto the patio area. Soft music is always playing inside and out to calm them.

For the love of cats. Your cats are beautiful too.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Patty:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments about our site, and for telling us about your cats.

Over the years, we have become more and more concerned with commercial cat and dog foods because of the waste materials used and the horrible things that are done and fed to these animals, so we switched to as much vegan food as we could. It was very easy with our dog who was totally vegan, but the cats were more of a problem, however, the more vegan food they ate, the healthier they were, and all of them lived to be over 19 years old.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary