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Letter from Jenny Moxham About Goodwill Toward Animals - 11 Dec 2009

Published in the Bendigo Advertiser, 12/11/09

I believe we should try to stop all cruelty to animals and I support the RSPCA’s bid to introduce legislation making it illegal to keep dogs chained up and not exercised ("Cruelty laws reek of double standards" by Rosemary Goodridge in Thursday’s Advertiser).

However, I agree with Rosemary that the way factory farmed animals are allowed to be treated is far worse.

It’s disgraceful that our government has failed these animals by refusing to introduce laws to protect them.

Despite the fact that our government happily ignores their suffering, we should not.

What can we do?

Christmas hams and turkeys are now in the stores, but all of these animals will have been subjected to a lifetime of torture and anguish in factory farms.

By refusing to buy these products, you will be helping to put an end to this cruelty.

Apart from this, celebrating a time of peace and goodwill by killing and feasting on peaceful animals makes no sense. It turns this season into a sham.

Christmas is a time for love, so let’s treat all creatures in a loving manner - and then continue that way throughout the new year.