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Letter from Rubaba About the Death of Her Cats
27 Jan 2010

My close to 19 yr old cat died three days ago. Last two years of her life, every time she slowed down, I would tell myself to be ready. But she always pulled herself out of it. This time she was unwell for five days. Her condition declined so fast that we knew this was it. But it still gave us time to mentally get ready for it.

What I did not realize was how her 15 year old son would react to it. Three days after the mother's death Simba has also left us. He just went into a shock and his kidneys failed to keep up with the shock.

I knew that animals do feel the emotion of loosing another animal. But to totally go into a shock and die so soon I did not expect.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Rubaba:

Thank you very much for writing. We can empathize with your feelings of loss, as we've been there several times ourselves.

We also almost lost a cat because of her deep mourning. She had stopped eating and drinking, and had to take  her to the vet to give her fluids between the layers of her skin to keep her alive until she could deal with the loss. She lived several more years. See: A Story About Nathan and Travelin

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and your kitties are in the arms of the Lord.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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