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Letter from Peter about Not Staying at the Circus - 8 Feb 2010


The Hanneford circus was here in Columbia, South Carolina this past weekend and they did have a baby elephant perform. I didn't hear the name of the elephant, but it did sound like the baby elephant Val I read about on your site.

They brought out the baby with an adult elephant. The adult (mother?) just stood while the baby was made to walk on three legs as well as some other tricks. The animal didn't perform any of the tricks correctly on the first try, and clearly looked distressed. It was all quite disgusting and I took my family out of the place.

The handlers carried bull hooks during this performance and while the larger ones gave rides before the show. I never saw them hit the animals, but they prod them along with the hooks. I had doubts about attending this show, and needless to say this will be the last animal circus my family will ever attend.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Peter:

Thank you very much for telling us, and about your decision,

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary