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Frank L. Hoffman
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Letter from Sarah About Exporting Fur - 16 Feb 2010

I have seen your video on the raccoon dogs slaughtered alive for their fur. I received your link via Facebook, working in the clothing trade importing goods from China and Asia I have posted my comments and the advise that I can give.

My question to you is have you managed to stop this?

And what can we do to help?

There are people who are willing to help you.



Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sarah:

Since the undercover video was made public, and there was evidence of it's continued shipment into the US mislabeled as faux fur, there was a public out cry and many stores ceased ordering Chinese fur. But we strongly suspect that China has found other ways of getting the fur shipped and into this and other countries.

However to the best of our knowledge, the atrocities have not ended in China. The only way it will end is to end the trade, since it is market driven, like all other products of animal exploitation.

Every time we see someone wearing animal skins, all we can see is the ugly coldness of their heart. People need to know that wearing animal skins is anything but beautiful, and we all need to spread the word to the world.

This is also the main reason that we are vegan.

Let us know what you'd like to do.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary