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Frank L. Hoffman
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Letter from Linda to World Vision about their Exploitation of Animals - 12 Mar 2010

I have sponsored a child for years with World Vision. However the Christmas gift catalogues offering animals I find disturbing. I will not cancel the sponsorship of the child I have now - I can however let you know how I feel about this and state that once this particular child no longer needs sponsoring I will be canceling my membership. I will choose a charity who does not do this and I will increase my support for WSPA who helps both humans and animals. I am a vegan and plan to change my dogs diets to vegan also. The transition to this diet is not as difficult as it is made out to be by the greed-motivated opposition.

It is unfortunate that most Christians feel they have a God-given right to use, exploit and kill animals. Too much emphasis and belief is placed on the cultural context of the many different books, times, peoples and histories contained in the Bible. Certain phrases are used as excuses to eat meat. It's up to us to grow, move forward and stop contributing to the suffering of animals because of an arrogance and an innate human cruelty that has no place in God's plans. My God never has nor ever will require blood sacrifice. Once again the so-called charities of Jesus colonise and introduce harmful practices to poor communities in the name of Jesus, therefore contributing to the on-going destruction of our Earth and all who dwell upon her. That is not compassionate behaviour - one cannot claim that, and in the same moment take the life of another of God's precious creatures.

There are a growing number of Christians who are vegans and who believe animals matter. We are not anti-human - on the contrary - we are life-affirming beings who love, respect and seek to protect all of God's creation. Organisations such as yourselves do wonderful work, however by introducing an unhealthy animal-based diet and ecologically damaging farming practices to innocent people you are doing great harm to them and of course to the thousands upon thousands of harmless animals you exploit.

I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of God's will to all of you and that your hearts are softened towards God's non-human creation.