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Letter from Rev. Hugh McDonald to Canada's Minister of Fisheries About Canadian Seal Hunt - 20 Mar 2010

To the Minister of Canada's Fisheries

Dear Minister Shea,

Please do me the courtesy of reading this e-mail carefully.

As a Canadian citizen and as a humane person, I am ashamed, saddened, and baffled by your announcement today that, not only is Canada continuing its barbaric slaughter of seals so young that they have no defence, but is actually increasing the quota of seals to be killed.

The decision is doubly shocking by the fact that, with the shrinking of sea ice, unknown thousands of seal pups will die at birth.

I write for the vast majority of Canadians (more than 70% according to independent polls) who are ashamed and sickened by Canada's annual slaughter of helpless sea pups. Do the wishes of 70% of our citizens carry no weight with you?

This inhumane slaughter is indefensible; it has brought Canada into disrepute across Europe and in the United States. It is cruel to an extreme.

I lead educational and cultural tours to Europe: all my contacts there express their amazement and disgust that a country like Canada countenances such cruelty.

I don't know if you, yourself, have a pet dog or cat: if you have and if your conscience is alive, surely you must find it hard to look into its eyes -- or in your estimate does humane treatment of animals extend only to household pets.

Someday, pray God soon, this abomination will be outlawed in Canada. You and the Harper government will bear the shame of having it continue into 2010.

The Rev. Hugh R. L. MacDonald
The United Church of Canada