LettersLetter from Laurel About Going Vegetarian After Visiting Our Site - 25 Mar 2010
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Letter from Laurel About Going Vegetarian After Visiting Our Site - 25 Mar 2010

Good morning!

I stumbled upon your site several months ago while looking for a recipe. I paged through the animal links, and have been vegetarian since then.

I didn't bookmark the site, because it was too sad to even think about. But I found it again today, looking for yet another recipe. I read through a few articles, and I have one question. How can this group be associated with Christianity, and be so forgiving, and yet so focused?

I know I am not putting what I felt into words, but after reading the article about Hypatia, I was shocked! And all I can say is "THANK YOU." Not only for your compassion for animals, but also for your belief in the humane treatment of people. Let's say I haven't been Christian for a great many years, and this is not going to change my mind. But-your site has done more to restore my faith in the fact that there may be some people who actually walk the walk then ever before. So much is sanctioned in "the name of the Church", that should be roundly condemned. This has been a breath of fresh air.

Please, continue with your very important work!

Thank you, Laurel

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Laurel:

Thank you for writing to us and for using some of our recipes, and most of all for not eating any more animals. We wish everyone would make this kind of lifestyle change, and help bring true peace to this world.

We began our Foundation and internet web site over 12 years ago with a focus of trying to reach the churches and convince them to focus on God's creation and heavenly intent of peaceful living for the whole of creation and to minister to those who had left the church or were thinking of leaving because of all the hardness of heart and indifference to the suffering of animals that they encountered. Since then we've been making slow but steady inroads in the churches, and have reached millions of people, one of whom is you.

We also host a vegetarian Christian email discussion group, if you are interested, and we also have a weekly newsletter, which we will send to you if you are interested.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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