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Letter from Roger About God's Love for ALL His Creation - 25 Mar 2010

Frank and Mary,

I have not thought of living in concessions of God, mainly I guess because He gave man free choice, therefore they would suffer for their transgressions, either in this life or the next. Which is why, the things we do in this life will be good or not good for us in the life to come. Yes He did say all animals were for men but Woe unto them that take animals without need. I have done this in the past but not for many years, yet it scares me. I guess I agree with you in general, God made all beautiful and good things for us, and I know He weeps when we trash His beautiful creations, We have lost the gift of being able to see the beauty our Father in heaven has given us. In doing so we have also lost site of our Father in heaven.

A few words in a Christmas carol sum it up rather well "His law is love and His gospel is peace." What a good thing it would be if we would look at the way we are at the present time, then ask ourselves if we would fit "anywhere" in God's kingdom, a round peg wont fit in a square hole, Sometimes I go on forever, sorry about that.

I hope the day is good for you.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Roger:

Thank you for your comments. The key really is based upon asking ourselves if what we are doing now would be acceptable in heaven, and if the answer is no, then we should all be changing our ways into His ways.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary