LettersLetter from Jenny Moxham about Zoos Being Prisons - 4 May 2010
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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Zoos Being Prisons - 4 May 2010

Wyndham Leader 4/5/10

Zoos are Nothing but Cruel Prisons

Sadly, the main thing that children would learn from visiting Werribee Zoo, (Cute critters, 27/4) would be that it is acceptable to imprison animals.

When the first London Zoological Gardens opened in 1825, there were none of the amazing wildlife documentaries so readily available today. Consequently, zoos could be somewhat justified.

Today, there is no excuse for condemning freedom - loving, intelligent creatures to a sad and boring life of imprisonment.

Though conservation is often cited as a reason for confining and breeding wild animals, the reality is that no zoo animals will ever be released into the wild .

They will simply be sold to other zoos, most likely at the opposite end of the Earth from where they were meant to live.

Zoos are nothing but cruel animal prisons that have no place in a civilised, enlightened world.

Jenny Moxham

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