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Letter to the Editor from Jenny Moxham: Take Care with Aid - 28 Jun 2010

Dandenong Leader
28 June 2010

Congratulations to the students at Heatherhill Primary School for raising $826 to help people in third world countries,

Giving animals, however, is neither in the best interests of the receivers or the animals. Animals require food and water, both of which are in short supply in poor, semi-arid countries. As well, they will rapidly destroy the environment turning grass into dust.

The harsh environment will be hard on the animals too, and with no laws to protect them, many will lead miserable lives and be inhumanely slaughtered.

The best way to help the poor is donate to organizations such as Vegfam who use donations to supply such things as wells, irrigation, seeds, fruit and nut trees, tree nurseries and plants.

This empowers the poor to become self-supporting without degrading their environment and harming animals.