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Letter to the Editor from Jenny Moxham: No Justifying Cruelty - 15 Jul 2010

Herald Sun
15 July 2010

Ed Gannon pathetically attempts to deride those who selflessly seek to stamp out animal cruelty. (Justice fund has cruel overtones, 14/7)
Of course Australian farmers aren't being kind to sheep by mulesing them!

If they bred plain bodied sheep, instead of wrinkly sheep, fly strike would seldom occur. In South Africa - where our blow fly originated - mulesing is now banned.

The reason PETA has resorted to naked protests is simply because this results in publicity for their cause.

Gannon asks if Australian dairy farmers will be targeted next. Why not? They mercilessly slaughter one million new born calves each year just so they can profit from selling their milk.

If that's not cruelty what is!