LettersLetter from Sheila About Rescuing "Spent" Hens - 16 Aug 2010
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Letter from Sheila About Rescuing "Spent" Hens - 16 Aug 2010

Thank you for your article on free range chickens. There are ways to rescue these chickens when they come out of the factory farm. I have 35 throw away "spent" hens that we rehabilitated. They were in horrible shape when we got them. They now are thriving and have a home here with us for the rest of their natural lives.

If a person contacts a poultry farm and requests "spent" hens many will let you have them for a small fee. If you can stomach the filthy featherless emaciated birds you pick up, in time they will blossom and turn into "real" chickens. Ours range happily over 3 acres of pasture and are protected from foxes and coyotes with electric fence. The hens follow me around like dogs and allow me to pick them up and pet them. They seem to "know" they were rescued.

So sad.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sheila:

Thank you for your kind comments and telling us what you are doing to help the chickens. It's great.

The only problem we have is with giving any money to the factory farmers, who promote all this cruelty.

It would be far better to contact an organization such as United Poultry Concerns as they are always aware of rescue efforts.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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