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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Fireworks Terror - 26 Oct 2010

Manawatu Standard
New Zealand.
26 Oct 2010

 Reading Malcolm Anderson’s "A Furry fright on fireworks night" (October 23), then Nancy Byrne’s letter about poetry, reminded me of this poem I wrote some years ago, called Firework show.

In panic he leapt through the window that night,
Half-blinded with terror and frantic with fright.
Paws bloodied and torn, just one thought in his head,
To escape from the noise that had filled him with dread.
The fire-filled sky he could not comprehend,
And so wildly and blindly he raced round the bend.
And then came the headlights; a sickening thud,
And he lay on the road in a pool of red blood.
There he died on the night that the sky split asunder,
When the heavens exploded in fire and thunder.
How could he imagine, how could a dog know,
That what scared him to death was a firework show?

Surely in this day and age, we humans should be able to entertain ourselves in ways that don’t terrify every other creature on Earth.

Victoria, Australia