LettersLetter from Rosie about Her Life-Changing Hunting Experience - 14 Nov 2010
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Letter from Rosie about Her Life-Changing Hunting Experience - 14 Nov 2010

I went out with my boyfriend hunting wild pig, after that, I have never eaten meat of any kind again.

I was 50 and all I can say is that I was shut off to the terrible things that we do to animals. The slaughter is so evil, and I always cry when I end up in traffic behind a cattle truck.

Jamie Oliver's programs a few years back also had a profound effect on me, a chicken looked up at the guy that was going to kill it and it made a noise, a beautiful liquid musical sound, I believe it was begging for its life. To kill it was monstrous, I have three roosters as pets, we are all very happy.

But I believe that these acts of murder are still carried out because we distance the meat from the animal, it seems on the supermarket shelf to come from somewhere else, not a living thing.

About this site God bless you for being so decent to animals and trying to stop the cruelty.

Rosie in New Zealand

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Rosie:

Thank you very much for telling us about your experience with animal exploitation and your life-changing experience.

We also agree with your comments, and are very happy that you have the enlightenment and courage to change.

We also appreciate your encouraging comments about our web site.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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