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Letter from Myron About Native Americans and Animals - 10 Dec 2010

We, as Native Americans was the first environmentalists and animal rights activists. And in the midwest, we have raised awareness for the wild mustang herds that the government, last year, rounded up at gunpoint to be slaughtered. In the past, the U.S. government slaughtered over 60 million buffalo or bison for their hides, skulls, and to do inhumane acts against our fight for freedom.

How would it make you feel to see an animal you have known as sacred, as far as the eye could see, be skinless, headless, and with calves mourning for their mothers? One can only imagine the calves' pain and the pain of my people to see such innocent beings saughtered out of hate for our Indian people, and just to make a quick '' buck." One of the main reasons we fight and were willing to die, was to stop these acts inflicted upon these precious animal relations. So, not only does cruelty have a modern face but a horrible face from the past.

Still, to this day, if someone happens to cage a buffalo in a small pen, this creature of sacredness, will thrash and fight the cage or any human who enters before him or her. That is the symbol of freedom for my Indian or Native American people and the symbol, ''life is sacred''..........

Wado (thank you),
Myron : )

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Myron:

We know the whole sad truth about want happened to your Native American ancestors and the bison, and the role that our Government played.

We are also aware of what is happening to the animals, and are doing everything we can to stop it.

We only disagree with your statement that Native Americans were/are animal rights activists, for they hunted animals, and continue to do so to this very day.

Is there something specific that you would like us to do?

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary