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Letter from Yvette about Petitions - 27 Dec 2010

Are there online petitions that we can easily sign via links?

We need to promote vegetarian living, and expose cruelty such as Joaquin Phoenix is doing with EARTHLING, and as Ric O'Barry has done with THE COVE.

All atrocities re pollution, contamination will appeal to those who are self-centered, but by viewing taped footage reveling the horrors of brutality, others who are kinder will open their eyes. Exposing the true teachings of JESUS will undoubtedly have a far- ranging effect, as so many "Christians" have been fooled by the Roman eradication of teachings. The true teachings of all adepts and masters have always been very firm in the harm0free and vegetarain tenets...tesee are first and foremost, even fo those who are not yet ready fro the initiation in to the sound current or word, logos, om, aum, amen, hu, Ancient Greeks, Essenes, Moses, Buddha, Sikhs, Hindus, Japanese, Persian mystics, people all over the world in every generation who have been spiritually evolved have all followed the veg dictates. We are NEVER to HARM SENTIENT BEINGS!

How many people are aware of this? They read "Thou Shalt Not Kill", but their communities dismiss this as being limited to humans. No so. Even many Buddhists ignore the teachings, and no oppressor power has edited out the rule to follow a veg diet, so, we must remind and teach our fellow humans ourselves.

We can not give in to losing our rights to having the lives around us thrive in happiness. How can these flesh-killers take these rights away from both the animals they torture and from the rest of us, as well? WE must demand our rights to stop loss of all life, as well.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Yvette:

Thank you very much for your email, comments, and request.

At the present time we don't have any petitions of our own; however, we do post links to them in some of our alerts.

We are always looking for more effective ways of changing public opinion toward compassionate living and a vegan diet, and we work with many individuals and organizations to help make this happen.

Whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary