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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Sparks Fly about the Way People Celebrate - 8 Feb 2011

8 Feb 2011
Whittlesea Leader

HOW absolutely heartbreaking for Melissa and Troy to lose their beloved Staffy as a result of illegal fireworks (Fireworks spook terrier, Whittlesea Leader, January 18).

My heart goes out to them.

While illegal fireworks were to blame for this tragedy, until councils stop glamorising and glorifying fireworks by increasingly including them in their celebrations, we will never stop the illegal ones.

The message councils are sending young people is that if you want to have fun, you need fireworks.

Of course, legal fireworks terrify animals equally.

The only difference is that pets are usually confined inside but they can still sustain long-term psychological damage.

Fireworks also pollute the environment which in turn, harms human health.

Isn’t it time councils started acting responsibly by celebrating in earth, animal and people friendly ways only?

Jenny Moxham,