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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Cruelty to Chickens - 25 Feb 2011

Sidney Morning Herald

Cruelty to chickens is not restricted to cages.

Andreas Dubs, of the Chicken Meat Federation, attempts to con the public into believing that meat chickens have a good life (Letters, February 24). Nothing could be further from the truth.

Broilers may not be kept in cages, but they are so tightly packed together they may as well be. In just one of the ''large'' barns Dubs tells us they live in, there may be 64,000 birds who will be shoulder to shoulder by the time they reach six weeks of age. So much for the birds being ''free to roam''.

The barns may be ''temperature controlled'', that doesn't make them pleasant places. The air inside is foul and stinking from the ever-accumulating faeces, and the ammonia burns the birds' eyes and lungs constantly.

For maximum profit, broilers have been cruelly bred to balloon to adult size in just six weeks, creating enormous health problems for them. Their baby legs often collapse under the weight of their huge bodies, and many crippled birds die slowly and painfully from thirst and starvation. Others die from heart failure and all are in chronic pain by the time they reach slaughter weight.

Raising broilers is a cruel and ruthless industry that deliberately subjects chickens to lives of unimaginable suffering for nothing but profit.

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk (Vic)