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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: End Cruel Practice - 21 Apr 2011

The Advertiser

Whilst concern is being voiced in various circles over the proposed cuts to government research funding, (Research faces axe, 18/4 ) of greater concern should be the fact that cruel and unscientific animal experimentation continues to dominate research in the 21st century.

Each year in Australia 6.5 million animals are experimented on. Many are 'designer animals' deliberately bred with horrific genetic diseases.

Despite the sacrificing of millions of laboratory animals, no animal experiment as such has ever led to a cure for a human disease and there is no evidence to prove that an increase in animal experimentation has brought corresponding improvements in human health or the understanding of disease.

For 50 years researchers have been artificially inducing cancer in animals yet still we have no cancer cure.

Since the rise of animal experimentation in the 1800's, far more scientific methods of research have been discovered including cell, tissue and organ culture, micro dosing, clinical research, biotechnology, epidemiology, in vitro studies, computer models and cloned human skin .

This week is World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Surely it's time to demand an end to this archaic, cruel, practice that takes human lives as well as animals lives.