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Letter from J. About Australian Camel Slaughter - 19 Jun 2011

[Ed. Note: For background information, read Green Senator Endorses Killing Australian Camels to Reduce Global Warming.]

The commitment behind vegetarianism, is to avoid killing animals. Unfortunately, Australia is set on slaughtering them, so the issue is how to stop that slaughter. Simply saying "stop" doesn't solve the feral camel problem. You will need to suggest workable solutions that don't involve killing. And given that non-vegetarians are probably in the political majority, those solutions need to be something that non-vegetarians can see as reasonable.

In many parts of Africa, camels are used for transport, milk, as well as meat. Better that some of the animals live to provide milk and carry water, than suggest that the only alternative is for 650,000 of them to die a senseless death, and be left to rot. It's important to try to rescue those that could live.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

In you last email you stated: Unfortunately, Australia is set on slaughtering them [animals], which is the root cause of why they want to kill the camels.

Once humans harden their hearts to the point of losing their empathy for the lives of "food" animals, or those they consider "vermin", It becomes easier to kill any other living being.

This is why adopting a vegan lifestyle is so important in eliminating this senseless killing once and for all.

We need to shock people's emotions into feeling the horrors inflicted upon animals, until they no longer want to be a part of it and begin to speak out against these atrocities, as you are doing.

A humane method of controlling the feral camel population is to begin using immunocontraceptives.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary