LettersAll-Creatures.org Letter in Support of Food Not Bombs
Letters From All-Creatures.org and The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

All-Creatures.org Letter in Support of Food Not Bombs

Letter to Orlando Florida's Mayor Buddy Dyer encouraging him to take action to end the persecution and arrests of representatives of Food Not Bombs who are providing vegan food to the hungry.

June 22, 2011

Dear Mayor Dyer,

On behalf of our worldwide membership, All-Creatures.org is proud to send a letter in support of the work of Food Not Bombs in providing healthy, vegan food to people who would otherwise go hungry.

It is vital that those of us who are compassionate actually walk the walk and share with those who are less fortunate. And it is imperative that we ALL support individuals and organizations who ARE sharing and providing what people need.

Please use the stature of your office to end the restrictions and punishments levied on the givers and the providers, and instead empower them and publicly acknowledge their service to the people in your community.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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