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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Cruel to Eat Chicken - 9 Aug 2011

9 Aug 2011
Mornington Peninsula Leader
Cruel to Eat Chicken 

I wholeheartedly agree with Joan Spittle that cruelty needs to be curbed and that schools should teach respect for animals.(Curb animal cruelty, 28/7)

What we have in our society, however, is a strange situation where random attacks of animal cruelty are condemned, yet routine cruelty to animals is condoned - albeit unthinkingly.

Most people fail to recognize that when they buy a chicken for dinner, they are being far crueller than a person who attacks and kills a pet chicken. This is because the chickens raised for their flesh have been forced to endure an entire life time of suffering.

The same applies to other animals raised for their meat .

No cruelty to animals is justifiable because no human needs to eat flesh, birds eggs or cows milk. An animal free diet is, in fact, far healthier.

Jenny Moxham