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Letter from Linda Steffey to the Editor: Wildlife Exploitation

Wildlife Exploitation

Editor, Smithfield Times, Inc.,

The general public knows little about the man, Aldo Leopold, and many have never heard of him.

He was the single most important person to put our government into the hunting business and he showed the firearms industry that funding wildlife management they could make billions for their own coffers by killing animals for sport!

Leopold is considered by those who promote hunting as father of modern wildlife management. This covers the manipulation of home and food of game animals and yields a continuous surplus of poor animals for the gun.

Leopold was born in Iowa in 1887 and enjoyed killing animals. He would even kill cats and dogs for the heck of it! When he was 17, he boasted to those at home that he had killed 25 crows in one day. At Yale, learning about forestry, he was taught about manipulation of nature for human benefit.

Leopold joined the Forestry in Arizona. He loved manipulating nature with a gun and the axe and looked the other way when poachers were doing their dirty deeds. By 1924, in New Mexico, only 12 wolves were left alive!!

Fortunately, mankind seems to be "growing up", for today fewer people are hunting than ever before and numbers are declining quickly with each report that comes out.

Linda Steffey