LettersLetter from Linda Steffey to the Editor: Wanton Destruction - 19 Nov 2011
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Letter from Linda Steffey to the Editor: Wanton Destruction - 19 Nov 2011

Editor, Smithfield Times,

Scott West used to work for the EPA investigating accidents regarding oil spills. He now works for Paul Watson on the Sea Shepherd.

Watson recently told a story about the Russians who used to hunt whales. He said, "Here they were killing off intelligent life to their their oil so they could use it to manufacture rockets to kill people." and he came to the conclusion that such actions were insane.

Right now the Japanese people are paying a price by being viewed all over the world as uncivilized due to the actions of a few small number of men in the small town of Taiji who each September for centuries have rounded up millions of dolphins and whales for slaughter; also, for the trade of dolphins being sold to such abusers as Sea World! If anyone saw the award-winning documentary called, "The Cove", you know what I am writing about.

The huge demand and consumption of seafood, plus the pollution of our oceans is actually killing off our oceans worldwide, but do we care? Do we realize that what goes around, comes around? Denying this fact and not making it right could mean we die as well.

Dolphins and whales have high levels of mercury due to our pollution of the seas, not to mention the other sea life. Their meat is sold for lunches for school children, of all things!

Whales and dolphins are sentient beings. Whales live in the 6th dimension and they actually clean the oceans, but they certainly cannot keep up with our wanton destruction. We are the only ones who kill off our own environment and native peoples for money and greed. Look at Africa and the harm done there for the ore and diamonds! All done by other countries, I might add!

Taiji fishermen call it "tradition" to do what they are doing year after year. Well, "tradition" does not make it right. We are all creatures of our earth and as Chief Seattle once said, we all breathe the same air.

My "heroes" have never been football "heroes", but dear spirits who see what is wrong and try to make it right!

God bless them all!

Linda Steffey

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